Anacostia Watershed Society's

2017 Earth Day Cleanup & Celebration Results

Download the results report from Earth Day 2017 by clicking here! (pdf link)

Volunteers in 2017


Total Weight Collected

In Tons


Number of Sites


Bags of Trash


Bags of Recycling


Tires Collected



"If everyone came out and cleaned up just once they would reduce drinking from/using plastic water bottles"

Matt Sellers at canoe site on Anacostia River in DC

"This is a beautiful park. I never knew it was here"

Volunteer, Anacostia Park

"Keep your happy hour at the bar!"

Volunteer, Northeast Branch (After finding lots of beer/alcoholic beverage cans and bottles.)

"There's a house full of furniture down there - just no house!"

Volunteer, Quincy Run

Interesting Items Removed:

  • 9 Shopping Carts
  • 8 Bicycles
  • 6 Trash/Recycling containers
  • 5 Televisions
  • 3 Fire Hoses
  • 1 Bowling ball
  • 1 Giant tractor tire with wheel
  • 1 Typewriter
  • 1,890 disposable plastic bags (Estimated)
  • Various car and auto parts

Who to Contact

Once you have registered, please only contact your site leader with site specific questions or concerns about location and directions. We encourage you to have your site leader's phone number handy on the day of the event in case you need assistance finding your site that morning.

General Questions

Bryan Chasney

301-699-6204 x108

[email protected]

Corporate Sponsorship

Emily Conrad

301-699-6204 x111

[email protected]

Celebration Information

Maureen Farrington

301-699-6204 x117

[email protected]

Press Inquiries

Mike Bento


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